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  • Soca Becomes a Service Dog

    Soca Becomes a Service Dog

    I couldn’t tell you exactly when Soca became a service dog. Looking back at her youngest days, it seemed she was always a service dog at heart, caring most of all for the well being of her family and friends. Soca knows that more than anything else, her family and friends need to see her…

  • The Deer Want to Adopt

    The Deer Want to Adopt

    Before Soca was known across land and sea for her voracious hunting drive and hypnotic agility, before even Soca knew these characteristics were endowed to her at birth, she was more curious about other creatures than she was eager to kill them. So too were creatures less eager to escape from her, as they were…

  • Soca Deals with COVID

    Soca Deals with COVID

    Soca is obviously a dog endowed with godly features. She is Laelaps, the dog gifted by Zeus to some other Greek mythological character—I had always thought Artemis, but apparently it is not so. The point is that Zeus gave Soca the power to catch whatever she chooses to hunt, and then Zeus gifted Soca to…

  • Welcome Soca!

    Welcome Soca!

    You may wonder why this Welcome Post does not come first. How could Soca’s Welcome Cake not be the first post to greet your eyes! How cute it is! How sweet it is! It marks the day soca came into our lives which marks the day our lives became full of wind, runs, jumps, and…

  • Jack Love

    Jack Love

    Soca has an older brother Jack. We love Jack very much too. But this is Soca’s site. So we will give Jack a post or two until he gets his own.

  • Puppy Days

    Puppy Days

    Soca was a scaredy cat. The first time I met Soca, she ran to the door, saw me, ran in panicked circles and peed. Right in the kitchen.