Welcome Soca!

You may wonder why this Welcome Post does not come first. How could Soca’s Welcome Cake not be the first post to greet your eyes! How cute it is! How sweet it is! It marks the day soca came into our lives which marks the day our lives became full of wind, runs, jumps, and general excitement. The day Soca came was the day we discovered what it means to be happy and to love. So why is this not the first post?

The answer is one to which I am very much embarrassed to admit. I am ashamed. But I’ll tell you because this site is about Honesty and Honesty means owning up to the things we’re ashamed of. So here: I was not there when Soca came. I was very far away. I wasn’t even aware Soca was coming. I had no idea such plans were in the making. I missed Soca’s puppy days. I missed the days when she was so small and so scared she wouldn’t go on a walk. She wouldn’t go past the driveway. She sat in her crate in the living room, and was scared to leave it. She would pee in there, on a pee-pad in the corner. And I wasn’t there. My mom was the one who slowly, day by day, forced her to walk an inch, a foot, a yard further down the street, until she could hesitantly walk a full block. And then farther, and farther. Now she is a tiger. 

So why the Welcome Cake now? Because I only learned of its existence yesterday. I missed her Welcome Party. 

welcome soca cake

2 responses to “Welcome Soca!”

  1. Please mention that I was there and I was taking care of her and that I was the first to see her cuteness when she was called Smokey

  2. Don’t want to put damper on sentimentality, but any excuse for mocha layer cake from Greek bakery…
    I think I had a cake once for congratulations to me, I cleaned the bathroom….

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